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photos, Oct 31

Once again, I saw something and said nothing... which I guess is just as my reptilian overlords like it

photo, Oct 30

photos, Oct 29

When the Harlem 5k was canceled due to hurricane Irene, I got a free pass to any other NY Road Runners race, I figured I'd pick the 5 mile race in Central Park at the end of October. The logic was to run a race BEFORE the winter hit. oh well, I'll let you know how it goes

The emergency info on the back of my number for tomorrow's race, if I get injured I hope the EMT's are not ruby, .net or python folks. :P


The hand sanitizer dispenser at the falafel place might be giving out an unexpected surprise

photo, Oct 28

given the gender of vaca shouldn't that be la moo?

photo, Oct 27