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photo, Oct 11

photo, Oct 10

My schedule is so packed these days that this daily photo thing is becoming hard to keep up with.

I grabbed this shot on my way home, not sure what it is: a yarmulke? foam breasts?

words in the sky

Headed out of the apartment to go to the National Lawyers Guild mass defense committee meeting (I'm helping out with some tech stuff around the Wall St. occupation arrests) and everyone was looking up. Turned out to be some crazy sky writer. When I got out of the subway downtown it was still going on. I have no idea what the full message was.

C, P or R?

I stray from the trash theme today to ask the question: Is parking your cop car in the bike lane while you eat your lunch Courtesy, Professionalism or Respect?

photo, Oct 7

The Occupy Wall Street folks are doing a fine job of keeping the Square clean and sorting their trash