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photo, Oct 6

Too much work, no time to walk around looking for good trash to photograph, so here's a rather bland shot of a lost shoe

photo, Oct 5

I spent part of today at the Labor rally to support the occupation of Wall Street, you can see my photos of the day at

Today's photo here is from the Creative Time show at the essex market

have grass, will travel

5k take two, or some thoughts on getting back in shape

As my few regular readers and friends know, Jenna and I started running back in May. After recovering from being ill in late March -- an illness that knocked me on my ass for a month and left me with some hearing loss and a permanent ringing in my right ear -- I needed to focus on getting healthy.

A little over 4 months later and I feel great. I've become totally addicted to running. I've gone from thinking of running for 5 minutes as an impossible task to thinking of running a 5k race as a simple short run. In the process I've lost about 25 pounds, getting back to an ideal/healthy weight and my waist has shrunk by about 4 inches. I'm sleeping better, have gained a little self confidence and the sense of accomplishment is amazing.

I can't say enough about the Couch to 5k training program , I recommend that anyone trying to add something healthy to their lives give it a try.

Today I have two photos, the first is of me crossing the finish line of the Forest Park 5k this past Sunday, and the second is of a truck that I saw today on Houston St.

Photos, Oct 3rd

not much today today, I'm still recovering from yesterday's Forest Park 5k, maybe I'll write more about that tomorrow.

Today's photos:
Someone closed their car door and trapped a sad set of balloons.

photo, Oct 2