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change of season

One of the things that stands out in my mind looking back over the photos I've taken as part of this year long project is how clear the change of seasons reflect in what's left lying around. With the end of summer now here, today's post starts a flood of umbrellas and other signs of the Fall rainy season.

photos, Sept 5

photos, Sept 4

this town is so clean it's hard to stay on the trash theme for my daily photos.

sculpture above a bike rack near the Ocean City boardwalk

nun salt and pepper shakers at Ash's beach house

photos, Sept 3

Out of the City for a couple days, trying to not think about work. I'm really bad at this vacation thing. The big news is that I just ran my fastest 5k ever -- 26:58! Now it's time to take it easy before the East River Park 5k next saturday.

today's photos are from Ocean City NJ. more at

photo, Sept 2