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A new name?

I'm noticing that many blogs have names that are not their url and at the same time I've grown tired of this site being called eric.openflows. I want a cool blogarific name for this site. Although this site is not really (or not only) a blog. hmmmm

I've got few ideas at this point.

Should I make an overt comment on nyc politics, such as the new rules that make gatherings of 51 people or bicycles illegal. 51 bicycles? the 51st cyclist?

maybe something more free software oriented?

or maybe just "Learning on the Job"?

post some ideas if you have them, please. thanks. bye.

Parade Without a Permit!


In 2006, multiple courts ruled the City’s assembly rules unconstitutional, and City Council was charged with fixing them. Instead of conducting public hearings and placing the matter into the hands of City Council, Speaker Quinn abdicated her responsibilities and allowed the NYPD to write these rules behind closed doors.

In February 2007, she rubberstamped the new rules into effect. Suddenly, it became illegal for 50 or more people to gather and process through New York City -- unless they request and are given prior permission from the police.

I've been a political activist since I was young, so I spent a dozen or more years being told that someday I would "grow up" and leave these silly politics behind and also being reminded that no matter how bad it was here we were more free than those living under Communism.

One of the things I was told over and over again that made us free was our right to protest. The right to public assembly was always referred to when people wanted to remind me why I should shut up and be happy I was not living under a more repressive State.

Well folks, that right no longer exists for us in New York City. The police, with an after-the-fact rubber-stamp by our elected officials, have decided to "re-interpret" the law. In the opinion of the NYPD the Constitution does not provide for legal assembly and protest if the State does not approve your protest (which to me seems counter to the very concept of protest -- protests don't get permits, concerts get permits).

Any public gathering of 50 people or more is now a crime here in NYC! This saturday people are getting together to raise their voices about it.

The Organic Internet

I'm very excited to have been asked to participate in authoring a book that combines a discussion of the politics of the internet with basic information on how the internet works.

The result of this collaboration amongst members of the Mayfirst/Peoplelink network is "The Organic Internet: Organizing History's Largest Social Movement". You can pick up a copy for $7.00 at or download the pdf version for free.

The book features:
The Organic Internet by Alfredo López
The Political Techie by Jamie McClelland
Domain Names by Alfredo López
The Internet Protocol by Eric Goldhagen
Technical Architecture Shapes Social Structure by Daniel Kahn Gillmor
The Email Crisis by Jamie McClelland
FOSS and Proprietary Software by Amanda B. Hickman

Launching my new site

I long ago abandoned my site at

After the split in the company I did not feel comfortable putting up new content there.

I've left that site online as an archive of my earlier digital self, and finally I found the time to setup a new site here at

I'm not sure how often I'll get around to posting content...