tab dump

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tab dump Jan 1st

Starting off my year of daily posts, here are some tabs I have open in firefox that either I have not had the time to look into enough or that I just feel like sharing.

from their About Us page
By collecting women and LGBTQ folks’ stories and pictures in a safe and share-able way with our very own mobile phone applications, Hollaback! is creating a crowd-sourced initiative to end street harassment. Hollaback! breaks the silence that has perpetuated sexual violence internationally, asserts that any and all gender-based violence is unacceptable, and creates a world where we have an option—and, more importantly—a response.

Bread People
silly but really well done image alterations combining famous people and types of bread. This site makes me wish I never stopped doing image production work

Giant Metal Transmission Towers Designed to Look Like Humans
image of towers
(image used without permission from the site linked to above)

tab dump Jan 5th

I don't have much to say today, so here's another set of tabs I've been meaning to read or that I think are worthy of attention.
Drupal 7 was released today. It's been seriously rewritten, which for the most part is a good thing -- but from first look at the code it seems that all my knowledge is now useless and I have to re-learn the entire API
And for those interested, a bunch of parties will be happening on Friday night
The NYC party is at a bar at 77 east 7th street (people are taking this "7" branding thing way too far), and there will be $7 beer and drink "specials" (seriously?! $7 for a bottle of beer is a "drink special"?)
Article 31 of the Iraqi Constitution, drafted by the Bush administration in 2005 and ratified by the Iraqi people, includes state-guaranteed (single payer) healthcare for life for every Iraqi citizen.
Biella Coleman's interesting take on the wikileaks controversy
post-modern bike mount

And, today's photos: a squirrel that stared me down for 10 minutes until I agreed to take its picture and a set of garbage cans that caught my eye

tab dump Jan 10th

From now until next week's launch of the CUNY Professional Staff Congress (AFT Local 2334) website rebuild, I'll probably not have much time to write, so don't expect much.

Today's selection of tabs I have open in firefox is:
A Man, A Plan And A Sharpie: 'The Great Typo Hunt'

I stared at that no tresspassing sign, and I wondered: Could I be the one? What if I were to step forward and do something? The glare from the extra s seemed to mock me. Sure, others before me had recognized that there was a problem afoot in modern English. Plenty of people had made much hay of ridiculing spelling and grammatical errors on late-night shows and in humor books and on websites weighted with snark. But: Who among them had ever bothered with actual corrective action?
Tom Delay going to jail? Maybe justice is not dead after all.
Free Software & Internet Show Communism is Possible

Software is the perfect communism product because although the initial labor costs are very high, the very nature of the work and the existence of the Internet allows that burden to be born by many hands worldwide with each contributing according to his ability and since the cost of reproduction is zero, it can be freely given to each according to need.

Linux represents a philosophy about property rights, openness, equality and cooperation that is an anathema to everything Microsoft and the other proprietary software companies stand for. That is why, in 2001, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said "Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches." A *revolutionary class war has been raging in a key sector of technology for the past two decades and what is even more important, the workers and progressives have been proceeding from victory to victory, even if few people have looked at it that way.

Today's photos are: A hawk that has moved into Tompkins Square (pigeons beware!); a discarded slab of mosaic in the trash; something strange on the fence outside the openflows office.

kids books and snow

Today's short but sweet tab dump:
That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore is a public service announcement in the form of a rhyming children's book that teaches kids how to recognize zombies
Dr Who/Dr Seuss mashup

Today's photos are another broken shovel and some other snow scenes