2011 in review

My flickr set of the best of my 2011 daily trashblog posts:

and on the theme of last year's project and the results: I've posted a lot about the process of getting back into running throughout the past year, so I won't bore you with those details, but this image illustrates the end result.

I got this belt right before Jenna and I got married in Nov 2005, slowly over the next 5 years, I grew wider and wider. I did my best to ignore it until an old friend of my parents commented on my weight at my father's funeral (yeah, not the most tactful funeral comment "wow, you've gained weight since we saw you last").
Then Jenna and I started running and I started changing my diet a bit (no junk food, no longer thinking of pizza as a dietary staple, avoiding high fructose corn syrup and changing my idea of what a reasonable portion is). Slowly I began to notice that I was moving back to long neglected notches in my belt. Then I had to make a new hole to keep my pants from falling down, and then yet another. 14 months later and, according to the ruler in the image, I've lost 4 inches in waist size. Now that's change I can believe in.