Auto Complete Abecedary

I've enjoyed reading Jenna's and Jessamyn's Auto Complete Abecedary posts. I noticed today that Amanda has posted one also. Inspired by them and looking for a great low-stress way to get some content for today's post here is mine.

[The rules I'm playing by are simple, type in a letter and make note of the top auto complete suggestion from firefox. It's a really fun way of looking at ones browsing habits. It seems that I use the net 25% for work and 75% to avoid work.]

A: ABC No Rio: cultivating the culture of opposition since 1980
B: Openflows bug, task and issue tracking tool. We're using Mantis, which is one of my favorite project management tools.
C: Clients From Hell: when you think your client or boss is the worst, think again.
D: Dear blank, Please blank. procrastination can be fun
E: EV Grieve My favorite neighborhood blogger.
F: Facebook... I'm not addicted, I can quit anytime I want.
G: Big brother's hive mind owns my internet searches
H: work in progress: new website for the CUNY Professional Staff Congress, which will launch in two weeks. Odd that firefox does not ignore http when selecting options for autocomplete.
I: I Can Has Cheezeburger I see a procrastination theme developing here.
J: The Lower East Side Librarian Hi dear, I love you and your blog.
K: Pundit Kitchen political procrastination
L: LIS Host radical reference's hosting provider
M: I guess the hive mind also owns my map queries
N: Netflix A higher level of procrastination
O: Open Green Map, A great environmental mapping project
P: Current Site for The CUNY Professional Staff Congress
Q: I could just look out the window
R: Retail Me Not share online coupon codes
S: Snopes procrastinate by reading debunked rumors
T: paying my bills
U: : get linux
V: The Village Voice more procrastination
W: a great place to experiment with Free Software tools
X: sigh... more procrastination
Y: youth focused subset of MNN (public access). another project we do web work for.
Z: yes, I sometimes drive a car these days

And for today's photos, we have a Police Line, a Fire Line and Crossing Delancey Ring Toss