Bikes get a crackdown, those that park in bike lanes get "kinder gentler" treatment.

With all the news of the NYPD "crackdown on cycling" in the city, I stupidly assumed that they would pair that with a stepping up of enforcement in regards to bike lanes. Silly silly me.

I was sure I was about to finally see a bike lane blocker get a ticket. There was the traffic cop, walking up the bike lane. She even stopped to look at the bike lane blocking car. Then to my dismay, she just kept walking.

When I caught up to her 2 blocks away the conversation went like this:

"Excuse me officer, but why did you make a decision to not write a ticket to that car parked in the bike lane" I gesture back to the car which is still there.

"Well, the city has asked for kinder gentler traffic enforcement, so when the driver yelled from the store that he would move immediately, my job was done"

"But, he did not move"

"What? Really" She finally looks up and sees the car is still there. "You just can't trust anyone can you?"

"No, you can't, especially if they are in uniform. So, are you going to go back there and write a ticket, or do you not care about the safety of bicycle riders?"

She starts to walk away.

"You do realize that I got a photo of your badge and will file a complaint, right?"


I walked away as two other pedestrians started to harangue her for refusing to do her job.

today's photo, another big hole.