blocking the google hive mind

In an online discussion today, Matt pointed out to me that google analytics is less than useful because it is so easy for people to block the google javascript file via the firefox adblock add on.

Yet another reason to tell clients and friends to avoid getting hooked on google analytics.

So, everyone follow along:

Step one: get firefox ( )
Step two: get the ad block plus addon ( )
Step three: open the ad block plus preferences
Step four: click "add filter" and put* in the field; click save

Done, you have no protected yourself (a bit) against the intrusion of google in your life.

For even more anonymity...

Even better, Adblock Plus allows you to subscribe to centrally-maintained lists of sites to block:

With EasyList, EasyElement, and the ABP Tracking Filter you'll block google analytics and many other similar services. You can give feedback on the forums if you want to suggest a new item to block, or notice a problem with the lists. Your browser will automatically download new versions when available.

Fcuk google

I agree, download latest firefox (3.5.1 at time of writing)

Then go to add ons (just gooogle firefox add ons) and download:
NoScript (superb and you can block google analytics with it, as well as anything else)
Bad Privacy (deletes all those super cookies and flash lso’s that doing a normal delete all and cleaning out ya temp files won’t get rid off, nor will even a dedicated program like cc cleaner etc as good as that is, so it’s essential in my own opinion)
Ad Block Plus (fantastic lil program)

And others that are good but in no means security related are:
Dictionary (your own language of choice of course)

Tab Mix Plus (for some reason, Mozillas addon page does not have compatitble version with the latest firefox :S wierd, but below is a link to the addonn authors page which goes to a dev link which is totally 100% compatible :)

Colourful tabs (pretty much self explanatory lol)

Hope that helps, adios
Super Rat

PS: actually stop using google is another opinion (also entirely mine lol)
I myself now very happily use Bing
I find there page fresher and nicer to use, its easier to say lol, and most importantly results are easily on a par if not far better IMO, especially image search IMO (please note we do not need a load of google lovers telling me im wrong, i have gone to the trouble of explaining this in my OWWWWWN opinion, after years of using google and months of happily using Bing.

Be daring, use something different and see for yourself!
Doesn't have to be Bing that was an example, many others out there…

Also if you use firefox and you want an add on to add Bing as the default search engine in the in built search engine, please go to

But the point is they don’t at present where as google blatantly do!