Urban Autonomous Cultural Spaces: ABC No Rio, who we are and what we do

Apr 26 2008 9:00 pm

City Mine(d) is organizing the KRAX Conference, a meeting between creative ideas in Barcelona and other cities, from April 23 to 26, 2008, focusing on urban autonomous cultural spaces - public spaces that support the creativity of a city’s residents, and generate debates about the way the city is managed. These are autonomous cultural production initiatives based on new models of (self)management and a coherent discourse in response to urban changes. There’s a need for political institutions to get to know and recognize these spaces and the value and richness they add to the city.

This year's KRAX Conference brings together experiences of autonomous spaces that produce culture and citizenship. The goal is to show the importance of these spaces that allow true participation, alternatives and citizen intervention.

The KRAX Conference program includes debates, workshops, presentations by guest initiatives, guided tours, meetings with local initiatives and a Documentation Centre (KRAX Cargo) with the material compiled through the research process.

I will be doing a presentation on the history and politics of ABC No Rio


Carrer dels Carders, 12
Barcelona 08003