photos, Nov 25


Jenna and I went down to Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park today. They were doing a big thanksgiving food kitchen/occu-pie event and it seemed like the perfect way to spend part of the day.

It was a bit odd considering how packed/dynamic that space was last time I visited. Very low-key, not a huge crowd, but they had plenty of food to give out.

Jenna did a better job than I can giving an overview of what was there and my full set of photos is at

Today's photo is police barricades reinforced with plastic handcuffs, a fine icon of the waste and overreaction of the City to the OWS protests.

photos, Nov 23

photos, Nov 22

got there right after FDNY put out the fire

yeah, it's not a trash photo but seagulls eat trash, right? that's close enough.

photos, Nov 21