Projects and Collaborations

Below you will find brief summaries of some of the groups and organizations that I work with, support or that make my life more worth living.

ABC No Rio
ABC No Rio is a Community Center for Arts and Activism on the lower east side of manhattan. I have been involved with the collective that runs the space since the late 90s when I founded a free public-access computer center there. I am currently on the Board of Directors of the non-profit that runs the facility.
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I keep in touch with my print production roots by doing book production as part of the Autonomedia publishing collective. As well I have been responsible for the building-wide lan and internet presence for the collective for a long time. Check out our site at or buy some books at

hmmmm. what can I say about openflows... We are a corporation and a community. A business and an affinity group. Misfits and geniuses... as one would expect you can find out more at

InterActivist Network
The InterActivist Network is a collaborative effort, an activist communication resource, an independent media project and a technology skill sharing project.
We built and maintain a network of servers which use open source software to provide activist organizations with some of the technology resources they need to develop their own media projects. These resources include email, mailing lists, web hosting, mysql and a secure chat server and client.
The InterActivist Network is a model for community action using new media and technology to invigorate public dialogue and to inform current debates within our own communities--both local and global.
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ABC Brewing Collective
One of my favorite passtimes is drinking beer, so one day some friends and I decided to start brewing our own.
Started right after the events of Sept 2001 in nyc mainly as a fun diversion for a group of activists/friends that needed something to do that was not meetings or all that heavy in consequence.
Since then we have brewed 15 brews and held fundraising beer tasting parties for ABC No Rio. Among our most popular brews are Anthrax Ale and Wingnut Stout, while some of our others will remain un-named as they were un-drinkable ;)

May First/PeopleLink
MFPL is a non-profit membership-based organization that provides ICT (Internet and Communications Technology) support and services to its members. I work with MFPL and via my work relationship with them am a member of CWA Local 1180 (Communications Workers of America - AFL-CIO).

Critical Mass
I've been an avid bicycle rider for a long time. There is nothing more fun then taking to the streets of NYC with hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of other cyclists to enforce the idea that "we are not blocking traffic, we are traffic".
Starting at 7pm in Union Square on the last friday of every month, nyc critical mass rides are always a ton of fun.
NOTE: since August 2004 the police have decided to attack and shut down the rides. What was once a peaceful and safe event has become hostile and dangerous. Still, we ride. Rights only exist when you use and defend them, otherwise it's all just useless words and paper.

Radical Reference
Radical Reference is a fact checking and information service for independent journalists and community activists.
With access to all of the world's most expensive databases this crew of librarians answers questions via their website and live on the street during demonstrations.
I'm the techie behind the scenes helping them coordinate and communicate.