RIP Bob Arihood

Today the lower east side became a little less wonderful. I learned from EV Grieve that Bob Arihood died from a heart attack sometime last night or this morning.

Bob was one of those people that I did not know well, but who I saw on the street often over my twenty-plus years here. He was a citizen journalist, an encyclopedia of history of the neighborhood and seemed to know everything about the politics of the City from anarchist protests to internal democratic party conflicts. He was also one hell of a photographer. You can find the past 5 years of his photos of the neighborhood on his blog, Neither More Nor Less:

RIP comrade.

Today's photos are of a slaughtered tree:

photos, Sept 30

today's photos: a car part on the street, and two shots of the Pitt Street fair.

photo, Sept 29

photos, Sept 28

I saw this walking home today and thought of the folks participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests

photo, Sept 27

2nd dead umbrella shot of the season