3 of 365

3 days into this attempt at a year of daily posts and I have not yet decided on a theme.

I hope I manage to motivate myself to start writing, that really was the initial goal -- but there's something I'm enjoying about the photography side of this project that I think is more likely to keep me engaged.

My father died at the end of October and one of the only things I shared with him was an enjoyment of photography. Wandering around the City with his camera has been an important ritual for me since his camera became mine. We were not all that close; he put in the effort to visit me 4, maybe 5 times in the past 27 years. Despite that distance, his death hit me rather hard and had a far deeper impact on me than I would have ever imagined possible. He might not have ever come to see the apartment that Jenna and I are so happy to be living in; he might never have given me the chance to take him on a tour of ABC No Rio; I was never able to get him to see my world, but now his camera will see it all for him.

With that tangent out of the way, here's today's photos:

A shovel that gave its all in the snowstorm and some guy that was walking around washington square park feeding pigeons from his hands and pockets.