Welcome to my site. Here you will find some info about me, the things I do and a listing of upcoming (and past) presentations and lectures. While I initially expected most of my posts to be about Open Source/Free Software (hence the name), these days it's mostly rants and ramblings about running.

photos, Dec 30

2nd to last day! stumbling towards the finish line...

photo, Dec 29

photos, Dec 28

This daily photo project nearly killed me today! ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but I stopped to take a photo of this altered street sign and the pothole pictured below caught my foot and I ended up face down on the pavement. Lost some skin on my left hand (my brain seemed to be more concerned with saving the camera than my hand) and my right foot, ankle, knee and hip are a bit bruised, sore and swollen. Hopefully it all heals before the race I'm running on Jan 7th.

photos, Dec 27

5 days to go! This past month can be compared to the final mile in a long run. You are exhausted, you just want to stop, what was fun a few miles back now feels like torture but you know the finish line is ahead and you just keep moving.

photo, Dec 26

6 days to go in this year of photos! I hope to find the time to post some thoughts about this project over this the next week. Until then, here's some more trash.