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kill for life?

This story just blows my mind. The anti abortion crowd has taken yet another step towards complete insanity. They are now trying to essentially legally define murder of abortion providers as justifiable. What could possibly go wrong with that?

South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers
A bill under consideration in the Mount Rushmore State would make preventing harm to a fetus a "justifiable homicide" in many cases.

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A fascinating view of the recent rebellion in Egypt. Seems that facebook and twitter were used more for giving the police false information than actual organizing.

The revolution was successful because it had no leaders, only coordinators of bottom-up energy. Its use of social media was brilliantly conceived to meld online organizing with offline action, not supplant it. The inability of older generations to understand the power of this new form of leadership among Egypt’s – and ultimately the world’s – young people suggests there will be many more such surprises in the future, both at home and abroad. ...
In Egypt, the roughly one dozen technologically sophisticated middle class young organizers assumed the police were monitoring their communications and deliberately sent them scurrying to false protest locations, announced on their Facebook sites, even as selected members of their group were sent quietly into poorer neighborhoods to organize the groups who were ultimately successful in taking over Tahrir Square.

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Squat the World!

A GROUP of squatters has taken over a £6 million central London house belonging to film director Guy Ritchie.
At least 12 people have occupied the large Grade I listed property in Fitzrovia and claim they now plan to convert the building into a free school.

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Most wasteful snow clearing method discovered: This guy stood there for about an hour spraying hot water on the snow.


I've totally run out of things to say

A month and a half into this daily posting project and I have really, completely and totally run out of things to say. I've posted all the lingering tabs in firefox, I have no ideas left for quick simple posts, only things that will take weeks to write. Aw crap.


death and fundraising

I'm not sure why, but I found this story of a woman making pendants to hold her mother's ashes for her and her siblings to be fascinating.

ABC No Rio needs your money to rebuild. We've raised more than I could have possibly imagined possible, but we need more to complete the project.
If you don't know ABC No Rio, the lower east side community center -- home to the culture of opposition since 1980 -- you should. Check out the link.
If you do know ABC No Rio, then you know why we're worth supporting.

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I'm a doctor, I'm important. My license plate is MD 80100. I park in bike lanes.


long week. not much to say

Man, this week has been a long one. We made some changes at openflows recently that has led to a lot more work on my plate. It's been great, things are getting done with much less stress, but it's been exhausting.

So, without further delay, today's photos: