trying too hard can be a bad thing

A friend asked me to look at a the website of a hosting company, thinkhost, to evaluate if she should use them for her new website.

First warning sign was the really low price with everything 'unlimited'. No limit on bandwidth, no limit on storage space, no limit on how many sites, etc.. While that sounds great, from experience I have found that companies that boast no limit on anything for such a low price enforce a limit by simply overloading the servers. Sure you don't have any hard limit on bandwidth, but with 100 sites on one server I dare you to serve much data.

The last straw was what thinkhost does when you go to close a page. They hijack the browser with javascript "are you sure you want to close this page" warnings that require multiple clicks to get away from. Come on guys, that's just trying too hard.

When I go to do this sort of research, I'll go to the home page of a company and then open a dozen or so links in separate tabs. In this case, I had to click multiple times to close each of those tabs. BAD BAD BAD! thinkhost BAD!

Until they hijacked my browser, I was going to tell my friend that they were probably as good as any low-cost host. Trying too hard just cost thinkhost a customer, my friend will go with another company, one that treats people with a bit more respect.

An illustrated example of how to alienate potential clients