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I was reading Amanda's blog post on the preemptive arrests of activists and journalists that took place shortly before the start of the Republican National Convention and thinking about the lack of coverage of any protest.

nice mustache

CSPAN can certainly be entertaining at times.

While this weekend was nothing compared to the hilarity of the Libertarian Party Convention that I watched recently, I just had to take a photo of this guy from the American Conservative Defense Alliance.

You would think that even folks on the far right might realize that hitler mustaches are out of style.

no seuss for you!

Matt had posted some of his favorite Dr. Seuss on his site. Specifically Yertle the Turtle, a poem about how people shouldn't boss other people around and tell them what to do.

It seems that the message is lost on the lawyers representing the estate of the late Dr. Seuss. Matt was issued a cease and desist letter demanding he take it down.

His response was to comply and post a Seuss style interpretation of the letter from the lawyers in its place. fun!

frustrating Times

Today, the New York Times covered the issue of the Critical Mass bike rides again. Police and a Cyclists’ Group, and Four Years of Clashes

The article is well written and in general gets things right, but there are a few things in the article that leave me very frustrated and needing to reply.

I guess that normally I would not get so worked up -- I can't count how many times have I been frustrated with the NY Times' coverage of protests that I've participated in -- but being that I was quoted in the article, this time it's personal.

What I'm blocking this week

A little follow-up on my earlier post about using ad block plus to keep google analytics from violating your privacy :

Here are the filters that I've added in this past week: