Net Neutrality, censorship and more photos of discarded items

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An Interesting Response to Censorship
After pressure from outside groups, the Smithsonian pulled a video from the exhibit, outraging members of the art community. Now, that video is back, literally steps away from the gallery.

The Museum of Censored Art -- a mobile office trailer bearing the sign "Showing the art the Smithsonian won't" -- is situated just outside the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.

Steve Wozniak to the FCC: Keep the Internet Free
And today's photos: a good day for grilling?; discarded furniture; why librarians should not be allowed be encouraged to purchase spray paint.

Should be allowed, you mean.

Someone has tagged the stairs at the Quincy Salvation Army "Read" / "more" / "books"

I think that if you've got something nice to say you should get as much spray paint as you want. Personally. I'm loving this daily dose, by the way. (By RSS, so you maybe don't even know I read it.)

of course you are right

of course, how silly of me. content edited, thanks.