NY election law's secret deadline

I'm registered to vote in NYC, but not in any political party. If I wanted to, I could change my affiliation and run in the Democratic Party primary in September. But, as a voter, if I switch my affiliation today, I am prevented from voting in the primary until the next election.

I understand to an extent the reasoning -- prevent a mass re-registration in order to skew the results of the opposing party. However, I really think that this should be considered an illegal barrier to my participation in the democratic process.

NY is one of only 8 states with such "secret deadlines" for switching affiliation. grumble.

If you are a member of the democratic party in NYC please do me a favor and cast your vote in the primary for Norman Siegel for the Office of Public Advocate.


Are state and federal registration the same?

Can you register federally as a member of one party while being registered as a member of the other party at the state level?

If not, your election system makes even less sense to me.


it's up to each state how to handle registration for both local and federal elections. crazy system we got here, eh?