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it's been a busy month

I have not posted in a while, but a lot has happened that I should have mentioned here if I had the time.

Here's a quick rundown:
most important is the news that all charges against Steve Kurtz have been dropped. If you don't know about his case, check out the the Critical Art Ensemble Defense Fund site.

I spent a week in Barcelona (I'll post more about this soon). I was honored to be invited to the Krax Jornadas, a conference of urban activist/cultural centers and projects. The organizers should really be proud of what they put together, it was a very powerful week.

Jenna and I are looking at getting a new cat (cats?), it's been a bit over 4 months since Partners-the-Cat died and I'm just about ready. A friend's sister recently took in a pregnant cat, here are some photos of the kittens. The first photo is (I think) the two kittens we get to decide between. Even though I'm partial to male cats, that grey tabby girl sure is cute!

and I just read this on the AP wire: A teen accused of plotting to blow up his high school told police that he wanted to die, go to heaven and kill Jesus, federal authorities said Tuesday.
While I give the kid a lot of credit for creativity, I can't help but wonder if he did not plan the second part all that clearly.


You think his planning fell down on the hard to get to heaven after mass murder and suicide end or the Jesus is already dead end?


both. he's also making a serious gamble on the existence of heaven not to mention the question of how he's going to get a weapon past the guards.

Maybe once you get there you

Maybe once you get there you don't need a weapon? I mean, he could be planning to strangle Jesus.

meet the new cat, sorta like the old cat

It's been a long and lonely 4 months since Partners-the-cat died. In some ways it might still be too soon to get a new cat, in others it is the perfect time.

A friend took in a pregnant cat recently and we're in line to get one of the kittens. A cute grey tabby female kitten, as soon as it is old enough to leave its mother, will be joining our family.

The thought of getting the kitten left us really excited to have feline energy around the place again; we figured that the kitten should have a friend.

We took a trip last weekend to visit the kittens. Playing with 7 tiny kitties filled us with cat lust. Next stop: petco on union square, where they give some space in the store to Kitty Kind, a no-kill volunteer run cat rescue organization. There were a few cats that we were looking at and I was leaning towards one that had a tag on his cage that said "sweetest boy ever!" He was cute, but spent the entire time we were there sleeping. But when Nitro (now renamed Farfel) stuck his paw out of the cage and grabbed Jenna's leg, her face lit up in a way that told me "forget about the others, we're taking this one."

A few hours later, Farfel was in his new home waiting not so patiently for his sister to show up. If you have any good ideas for cat names, check out Jenna's post on the topic.

Partners-the-Cat (RIP)


unnamed kitten

Matzo Themes

Noah's mom had a dog named Afikomen. Myself, I'm kind of liking Gefilte.

not sure on that one

my childhood memories of Gefilte fish prevent me from associating it with something cute and cuddly