My new old-school monitor stand

I picked up a small LCD monitor at this past month's Really Really Free Market.

It works great but did not have a stand. When I got it to the office, I spent a while working on different methods of propping it up, none of which really worked. I was resigning myself to the fact that I'd have to go out and buy something to mount it to the desk when I looked at the ancient manual typewriter I keep around and had an idea.

The monitor fits perfectly into the top of the typewriter box and the typewriter keeps it from falling down. The only down side is that I occasionally find myself reaching for the typewriter keys to reload the browser window on the second monitor (future project: make the typewriter work as a keyboard).


Your monitor is AWESOME! If you could get that typewriter wired to work like a keyboard, you could get yourself a patent and then there would be a way to put to use all of those heavy, well-built, but no longer used typewriters. You may be on to something... Ingenious way to recycle a monitor and typewriter!